2013 Beachy Head

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  1. Val Rawlings

    The Beachy Head ramble was magnificent! We were so lucky with the weather, without that it would have been not very nice, to say the least. From the moment we entered the car park, where Eastbourne District Council had very kindly coned off a large section, to the moment we went home it was great fun. The views when we were on top of the cliffs with the landscape falling away below us and the white cliffs stretching out all along the coast, were magical. Belle Tout lighthouse below and in front of us looked like part of a landscape painting to me, it was breathtaking. Skylarks were singing all the time, and there were carpets of thyme, “ladies shoes and stocking” (little yellow vetch like flowers), clover and hundreds of other varieties all around us, and even the grasses were beautiful, many varieties all with the breeze rippling through them added to the atmosphere. At Belle Tout, Robin led the brave ones up the steep chalky path, while the wimpy leader (Val – me) led us more careful ones up the Belle Tout approach path where we met Robin and Co and all came down together. From here we also had an excellent view of Beachy Head lighthouse, the red and white one, it was superb. Then along to Birling Gap, where the white cliffs stretch along to Seaford Head on one side and back along to Beachy Head the other, we could view this from a platform erected for sightseeing and access to the beach below. Then lunch and return the same way but with a different aspect. Thanks to all who attended and for all your input, which always helps to make the day a success. Uplifting and Magical I would say!

  2. Jim & Dorothy Mills

    What a great shame we were not able to get to this ramble! It was good to see it was so well attended & that the weather was kind so members could enjoy the spectacular scenery. Well done, the photos made us feel we were almost there! The shots of the old lighthouse brought back many memories & the photos of the more recent lighthouse were particularly impressive. Aren’t we lucky to have these pictures to look back on? We were pleased to see that you managed to get there & to keep away from the cliff edge, Liz!
    Who had a puncture?

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