2013 Devil’s Dumble

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  1. Jim & Dorothy Mills

    The ramble started in quite warm weather & this was enhanced by the varied open scenery. Even a cool wind did not deter us or two new members. Helpers are particularly valuable & Dave Hole proved his versatility by escorting buggies through wide fords, directing traffic in his bright “day glow” jacket on busy road crossings, saving his wife on a steep camber/ gradient & sharing the driving of Liz Cuthbertson’s buggie with Stuart Kemp so that John was able to lead a very well run ramble. At one stage Dave & Liz even had the time to explore an underground watery prospect for future rambles!! Again we had the support of a local guide who was able to tell us about army camps from both world wars which had been established on the Chase for troop training, as well as the old railway tracks used for servicing them. This proved to be a very well enjoyed ramble and we hope to see it included in future programmes.

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