2013 Eyeworth Wood

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  1. Val Rawlings

    Thank goodness for the good weather recently which dried out the very muddy Eyeworth Wood, this couldn’t be done during the winter months – knee deep mud! It is a beautiful ancient wood very tranquil and peaceful – one of my favourite rambles – then onto some open heather moorland, down a valley via rather tricky path which changes frequently according to the rainwater gushing down it to change the terrain,although a path was found round the gorge-y bit, then along open heather moorland, rather warm but luckily we found some shady bits for a rest here and there, then into the lovely inclosure which lead us back to the start point. We were lucky to see some deer, one an unusual black colour, and a herd of ponies galloped through the wood we stopped at for lunch, so very New Forest-ey! The last part through the inclosure was the other end of Hampton Ridge which we did the day before. This was the last ramble of the Southern Tour, which was much enjoyed by us all, the weather helped enormously. A big thank you to all who attended, and as usual the support team of John C, Robin, and John B without whom we couldn’t function. Roll on the August rambles, great to see everyone.

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