2013 Stanmer Park

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  1. Jim & Dorothy Mills

    Huge thanks to Val for such helpful accounts of the last two rambles. Those who were not able to attend both Beachy Head & Stanmer Park rambles do appreciate a word picture & of course any photos that may appear. We thought the photo of impressive tree trunks ( with a shy figure in the background for scale purposes!! ) was a great picture!
    Yes, we really did regret not being able to get down to Sussex & we clearly missed some wonderful rambling & happy gatherings. Hope to see most of you when we get to the memorial ramble for Mike Longbottom in August.

  2. Val Rawlings

    Stanmer Park is a very old estate next to Brighton Uni and we transversed (hope that’s the right word) the estate via woods and downland. The day was a bit grey, which was a shame as the woods are very dense and it was a bit dark going through them, when I reccied it the sun was dappling through the trees and it was really lovely, but when dark it can feel a bit oppressive and gloomy, but I think lots of us enjoyed that feeling anyway and it is ancient and verdant woodland, but sun really helps us to appreciate an area, but dry is better than nothing. We came out of the first woods onto downland with fantastic views over the Uni, apologies here – the building with the concave roof is in fact, American Express Community Stadium, (Richard you were right – sorry), I always thought it formed part of the uni. Poppy fields in the distance, and fantastic landscape. Lunch here with the views to appreciate, then more woods before going down a very large field back to Stanmer Park, and where we were able to avoid going through a herd of cows, with attendant bull, by changing route a bit, phew!! An easy but very enjoyable ramble, tea shop at the end and just as we returned it started to rain, so we were very lucky indeed. Again, we were looked after by the rangers etc at the Park who supplied us with a key for the height barriers to the car park. Such a lot of help from the Authorities involved make it possible for these rambles to go ahead. Again, without all the ramblers it wouldn’t be such fun – thanks everyone!

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