2013 West Wittering

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  1. Val Rawlings

    This is a ramble I have always wanted to do, and it came up to my expectations, it was a very nice day and the scenery was stunning. Huge beach, sand dunes, beach chalets in a huge assortment of “shabby chic” colours, 2 wind surfers, and 20 scooterists! Wherever you looked it was a typical scene you may see in a holiday brochure. There were some challenges too, going along the board walk was very interesting, all among the sand dunes, amazing what we can do on our scooters. Then of course, trying to get back off the beach for lunch resulted in the lifeguards having to tow many of us through the thick sand that gets washed up daily over the slipway. It was a fun and colourful scene, after lunch a trip along a coastal path with wonderful seascape views as per the photos. Finally, a refreshing cuppa in the cafe, all in all, a very nice ramble to end the first 3 of the Southern Tour, now to recuperate ready for the final 2 in the New Forest, which will be amazing – I have inside information!

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